...continuing with Zelma's narrative on the Parker Family from 1977;

​Remember I said earlier that Adam Parker married Nannie Jones? Nannie Jones was the granddaughter of a slave by the name of Hettie Motley (married to Ike Motley). They had three children - Grant, Fletcher and Lourinder. Lourender met and married Montgomery Jones...eleven children were born to this union (see the Nannie Family tree). We as relatives have a lot to be thankful for. We've come a mighty long way from the master's plantations of slavery to the front of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama; to owning homes and cars; to become Supreme Court justices, mayors, congressmen or whatever any other man does. Today, we've come to Atlanta, Georgia to reap the benefits of our findings. We pray the findings will be smiling faces, warm greetings and loving hearts. We thank God for this day. Written by Zelma Parker-Howard, July 29, 1977.

​A few more notes about Nannie and Lourinda from Clarice Parker-Reynolds, eldest child of Leftich and Mittie Parker.  These stories she would tell to her children.  I, Valerie Richardson, re-tell them here as much as I can remember so these memories are not lost. Clarice remembered her grandparents, uncles and aunts from both her mom (Mittie Andrews) and dad (Leftich Parker) very well. She spent a lot of time with them during her early childhood. She especially remembered her grandma Nannie and great-grandmother Lou (Lourinda). She stated that her great-grandmother Lou was half Indian and she believed her great-great grandmother, Hettie was Creek Indian (so it is possible that while Hettie Motley was a slave, she may have been a slave to Indians -- mom wasn't sure.) Mom also spent a lot of time with her mother's family and spoke often of her paternal great-grandmother Mattie Andrews who she fondly remembered smoked a pipe. Mittie Andrew-Parker's family is not included in the family tree (limitations of the website template), however, her parents were: George and Ida Andrews; George's mother was Mattie Andrews who had also been a slave.
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