The story of the Leftich Parker Family as told by Zelma Howard...(1977)

​In search of the Parker family roots, I found that I know very little about our family's background. I am told that back in the days of slavery, there was a white family living on a large plantation near Salem in Jones, Alabama whose name was Parker. They owned many slaves and it was customary to give the slaves their master's last name. Among those slaves was a couple named Jacob and Annie, who grew up, fell in love, and were allowed to marry and became Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Parker. Three sons were born - Adam, Will and Wilson. Will and Wilson later made their homes in Anniston, Alabama; thereby planting their roots and multiplying them. Adam Parker, often called "Nack" (my grandfather) met, fell in love and married Nannie Jones (my grandmother).  Thirteen children were born - 7 boys and 6 girls (see family tree). Jacob and Annie Parker (great grandparents) and Adam and Nannie Parker (grandparents) are gone to their reward, but they shall never really die because the seeds they sowed grew such deep roots that they burst out all over causing Parkers to reproduce into multitudes, scattered around the country. This especially holds true for my Dad, Leftich Parker, oldest son of Adam and Nannie Parker. He met and married Mittie Andrews and 15 children were born to this union (see family tree). Leftich Parker now has 52 grands and at least 20 great grands (at time Zelma wrote this in 1977). 
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